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After forty-seven years and as of August 1, 2012, IBRIC has minimized its level of operation. For the near term, this website will remain in place so that interested people can learn about the work accomplished. Click on the "Enter Site" link above to view the website.

In 2011, we donated to the Manuscripts Division of the Marriott Library at the University of Utah copies of the majority of IBRIC's research reports completed over the years. In conjunction with the donation, a narrative description of the research and evaluation activities completed since 1965 (and before) was written, and a bibliography was prepared. Pdf's of those documents may be viewed via the following links.

Description of Activities (IBRIC History)

Also for the near term, Dr. Fox can be reached at davidgfox@ibric.net. He is semi-retired and may not be in a position to respond immediately. However, he is continuing to do a few small projects and will check in periodically.